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Are you looking for high fashion products with attention to detail from the best designers to sensational offers? Then THE LUXURY HALL with baldinini dubai mall is the right place for you, because we serve you like a king or queen. If you are already enthusiastic, then take a look at our wide range of shoes in all imaginable colours, shapes and patterns. Buy now your Ankle Boots and Lace up Boots from the baldinini dubai mall you saw there.

The advantages we can offer you here at Dubai Mall are, among other things, that our warehouses are much larger than the warehouses of the shops in Dubai Mall. In addition, you save time with us and the time which remains on a high level remains. For example, if you are sick and still want to check out our great offers and find something you like. Then you don’t have to do without your favourite products, but can catch your favourites with us. Then you can also get the pumps, or sneakers matching your outfit to the baldinini sale. Now you can have a look at our Lace up shoes and loafers and get them with the baldinini shop.

Imagine how you have to go to the next event with a handbag from us, or how you have to travel for business reasons. Now think the thought further and feel the positive feeling that flows through your body as you hold your bag. No matter if the Mini, Maxi, backpacks and Bumbags from baldinini shop.


THE LUXURY HALL offers the most beautiful accessories included with an indescribably beautiful feeling when buying. A mixture of euphoria, self-discovery, and more. For example, if you have an important appearance somewhere, a presentation must hold etc. you will also feel the feeling of productivity with us. Now you have the possibility to feel luxury very close and to get beautiful small leather goods to the super offer. Furthermore we have Fragrance for you, with which you will wrap yourself and others in a fragrance cloud that nobody wants to leave anymore. In addition, at baldinini outlet we have valuable designer and luxury watches, outwear with baldinini sale, coats and more. Last but not least we wish you a sensational day and a firework of good mood.

Baldinini Shoes, Loafers and more

Baldinini is an exclusive brand of shoes for ladies and gentlemen in Florence. The label has existed for over 100 years and is fully committed to the art of shoe making. The traditional Baldinini company was able to grow from a small store to an international company and now sells its models all over the world. In the beginning the shoes were handmade for a small circle. Today Baldinini is still in the hands of the Baldinini family and therefore remains true to its line. In our shopping portal you will find the shoes of the premium brand in the Baldinini Outlet.

Baldinini online

Baldinini still works with high quality materials. Only genuine leather is used for the shoes. The processing follows strict rules. To ensure the quality of the shoes, they are regularly checked and tested. The wearing comfort is very good due to the high quality and the shoes keep in shape for a long time. The design is timeless and modern. Thanks to the refined details, the shoes are very eye-catching. As the shoes are not overloaded or extravagant, they can be combined with many outfits. They are suitable both for the office and for the evening event or beach party. The range includes fashionable wedge sandals, toe separators, pumps and laces.

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