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Buy now with fendi uae and THE LUXURY HALL your dream products for more fun in everyday life. We have many exciting categories, like FEATURED products: New products, Prints On, Baguette, Me And My Peekaboo, Skiwear and Peekaboo Exotics. After you’ve melted these things on your tongue, you can choose the right one from this large number of possibilities. Everywhere in the UAE there are possibilities to experience exciting things and if you want to stay at home we have the following for you. Fendi UAE in connection with us delivers all your dream products to your home the way you want.

Because you are our customer, and we treat our customers like a king. If after a stay in the fendi dubai mall you can no longer find the right part for you, we have the following for you. Now you can buy your wish here online, because waiting until the next time in the fendi dubai mall could make sure that your product has already been sold. There’s a saying that goes with it: the early bird catches the worm. So be the early bird that doesn’t miss the great discounts. In addition you can look at even more offers and inspirations in a shorter time than in the fendi dubai mall.

Fendi shop online uae

Fendi shop online uae at TheLuxuryHall. Founded as early as 1925 as a leather and leather goods store, the Fendi brand has established itself as a well-established name among the leading international luxury fashion brands. The bags of the Italian brand have been cult objects coveted by fashionistas for years, such as the famous Fendi Baguette Bag or the bags on the catwalk. But the colorful world of Fendi today offers much more than just leather goods and furs. Chief designer Karl Lagerfeld, who has worked for Fendi since 1965, not only designed the iconic Fendi Double F logo, which adorns many of the label pieces, for example as the buckle on bags or belts, or as the overall logo for the stunning knitwear. He has also been responsible for the impressive designs of women’s clothing in Fendi’s collections for decades.


Buy your bags now, like Peekaboo, Baguette, Fine Leather, Handle Bags and Dead Bags, Boston Bags and Shoulder Bags. You’ll need to check out the mini and belt bags, clutches, backpacks and bag accessories. Even for our children we would like to present you a huge offer with excellent fendi kids products. If you feel that you have been addressed here, you can now buy the right clothes, shoes, accessories, prams and diaper bags here. Additionally you can have a look at sweet gift ideas for your fendi kids.


Buy now in fendi online store your coats and jackets, dresses, tops and blouses, as well as knitwear. In addition you can go with the T-shirts and Sweatshirts, as well as skirts and trousers of fendi online store through the city. Especially with the sportswear and beach fashion we make sure that all positive looks are directed at you. Attention all men, because we have in the accessory area unbeatable discounts for you. So don’t wait any longer and take a look at our wallets and small accessories, belts, bag accessories and sunglasses. You can also buy cold weather accessories, watches, costume jewellery and books for an even better style. So enjoy your fendi online store access to special events with iconic baguette and news in your area. Last but not least, receive more personalised content, black leather and have fun with your shopping experience.

Fendi UAE

The brand was founded in 1925 by Adele and Edoardo Fendi in Rome. Fendi emerged as a brand known for its elegance, craftsmanship, innovation and style. The collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld began in 1965 and in 1992 Silvia Venturini Fendi followed him in the creative direction. In 2000, the LVMH Group acquired FENDI and became the majority shareholder in 2001. In 2019 Silvia Venturini Fendi becomes the creative director of Fendi. Today Fendi is synonymous with quality, tradition, experimentation and creativity. In 2015, Fendi moves its offices to one of the most characteristic buildings in Rome: the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana. Fendi’s decision reflects the intention to pay tribute to its heritage while focusing on the future. This is what you want to know: Fendi gave an internship to none other than Kanye West in 2009, when he was still figuring out how to run his own fashion brand.

Fendi bag, shoes sunglasses & more

Fendi bag, shoes sunglasses & more The Fendi double F logo was first designed by Karl Lagerfeld in the 1960s. And although the double F can be called iconic, the Italian fashion house thought it was time for a restyling in 2018. Restyling or revamping a house style or logo is a challenge. The longer a logo exists or the bigger the brand, the more resistance you will have… Now change or adaptation is a big word, because they are not really big changes. After all, the well-known FF logo has to remain recognizable. And that has been successful. Curious? Compare the differences yourself! The logo is still used on several Fendi products, including handbags, wallets, luggage, shoes and clothing. A curious fact? Kanye West once showed up at a party with the logo shaved into her hair.

Fendi ae online shop

Fendi’s clothing is elegant and stylish. Fendi clothing is synonymous with quality. No wonder Fendi designs are worn by many fashionable celebrities, including rapper Rich the Kid, Real Madrid footballer Karim Benzema, actor Nico Tortorella and American basketball players Rudy Gay and Matt Kemp and many others.

Fendi bag

Fendi bags are enough! And a bonus? They fit everywhere! A party? Go get a Fendi clutch. Shopping day? Choose a Fendi crossover bag. Go for a Fendi bag with the double F logo all over it? Or would you rather have the big logo on your bag once? The choice is yours! You’ll always stand out with a Fendi bag. Fendi is responsible for creating the idea of the It-bag. The iconic Fendi Baguette was designed by Silvia and first appeared in 1997, then became the most popular bag in the world – since then, over 1,000 different variations have been produced by Fendi.

Fendi uae

One of Fendi’s biggest fans? Then the TheLuxuryHall application is really something for you. Here you can indicate who your favorite designers are, after which you will immediately receive a message as soon as new articles arrive. The application is available for the iPhone and can be found in the App Store if you are looking for TheLuxuryHall.


Find now the best FENDI offers in our store. Don’t miss any crazy deals. We have everything your heart desires. With this brand you are perfectly dressed and show what you stand for. We stand for best quality, online shopping UAE on another level. Now we would like to show you some of our products.


Get now the fendi bag for very good looks and best comfort. For women, we offer all types of bags, . They are stylish and timeless. Here you will find the best selection for business or private meetings. With us you have the best appearance at business and private for every occasion. We at TLH always want to show you the best of all brands in the world, so refine your charisma now. Fendi is certainly one of the coolest, if not the coolest Italian brands. There’s a lot to be said about that, and we have a special blend of craftsmanship, craftsmanship and quality. And mix it with a modern, somewhat crazy side, for example with the fendi peekaboo</strong.



It is well known that an outfit without the right shoes is not perfect, women have known this for many centuries, because the history of shoes goes back a long way. And even if you already have many models in your shoe cupboard, a new pair is a great choice for every woman, because the selection is so versatile! For winter temperatures, there are great leather boots that turn every outfit into a fashionable highlight. And you can also find rocky bootees in the online shop, where you can show your wild side like the fendi sneakers . Combine them feminine, so you can make a great break in style with the fendi heels. Of course, for your summer holiday you need airy shoes that don’t constrict you and that you can quickly take off on the beach like the fendi sandals. If you are a summer child, you love sandals anyway and the beautiful strappy sandals that are so popular this summer are among the airiest. They can be combined well with any summer outfit and decorate your feet with an imaginative cut. Feel the difference and buy your shoes now from our selection with the fendi prices. TLH your provider for online shopping UAE. Do you like the fendi shoes menfrom our experts from the fields of design, quality, customer satisfaction and much more. A pleasantly tingling summer on your skin with the unique and cozy fendi flip flops.



Buy now the wallet for the modern fendi men and fendi woman of today. With our wallets you get the best on the market. Your money, business cards and IDs belong in the best purse. Find the most popular wallets for women and men always for the best price. Make your first online purchase dubai and collect new experiences at TLH. Shop crazy deals now online in our fendi online store. Every personality will find the right offer and inspiration here with us.


The clock represents a fundamental parameter of human coexistence – time. Feel the difference with our watches and be a part of the movement. There’s something magical about time. With our fendi watches for women and fendi watches for men, we would like to give you something enchanting, which inspires with finest quality. Imagine losing your bearings in the Dubai desert. But you are wearing a very good watch, which can help you in some situations with the fendi watches.


Now decorate your wrist with fendi bracelets for an even better style. Local prices are usually higher, like the fendi Dubai Mall prices. Can you identify yourself with our fendi logo ? Ever since people have been able to walk upright and the sexes have shown interest in each other, men and women have been doing a lot for their beauty and for attracting attention. Besides clothes, painted or tattooed body jewellery and hairstyles, jewellery played an important role even then. Imagine how attractive the perfect fendi Dress with the matching Accesoire would look like on you.


A perfume is a mostly liquid mixture of alcohol and odoriferous substances which is intended to produce pleasant odors. But you will only realize how brilliant our fragrances are if you buy your fragrance now for example our fendi furiosa perfume. Attract your contacts with a breathtaking fragrance and buy the best selection of fendi perfume in dubai from us now. Make a magical entrance and make sure nobody forgets you anymore like silvia venturini fendi.


Finish your outfit now with our selection of fendi sunglasses. We have round, square and many more species for you. Do you know already the fendi glasses collection, for your visit the desert in Dubai with the matching fendi abu dhabi outfit. You have never been so enchanted in the desert fendi uae.


Adele and Edoardo fendi stand for exclusivity in its entirety and we are proud to present you the outfits of our time. Get now your shirt especially for the warm summer days in the constant heat periods. Bright eyes and a hearty laugh – the easiest way for children to make their parents happy. But what do children actually need to be really happy? With the range for fendi kids we let children’s eyes shine. Dubai is a city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates. The city is known for its luxury shops, ultra-modern architecture and vibrant nightlife. The Burj Khalifa, an 830 m high skyscraper, dominates the skyline of skyscrapers. In front of it is the Dubai Fountain, whose water jets and lights show a choreography to the music. The fashion brand Fendi uae is also represented there with firm footholds.


The founder Adele Casagrande was born in 1987. Fendis was born with the opening of a leather and fur shop in Via del Plebiscito in Rome. After marrying her husband Edoardo Fendi in 1925, she changed the name of her company to Fendi. As the mother of five girls, the businesswoman Casagrande was almost unstoppable. Steady success led to the next store opening in Via Piave in 1932. At only fifteen years of age, the oldest daughter Paola began working in the company in 1946. Her sisters Carla, Anna, Franca and Alda also followed. When her father died in 1954, the daughters took over the company and designed the first line of the label, with skins as the main component. In 1965 Karl Lagerfeld was brought into the team, which was a success for both sides. Lagerfeld designed the inverted FF logo and played a decisive role in the first couture fur collection, which enjoyed great success with international buyers. The president of Bloomingdales, Martin Traub, was so impressed that he presented leather goods in the USA. In 1969the product produced its first Ready-to-Wear Fur collection, which was also met with enthusiasm. Adele Casagrande died in 1978 at the age of 81. In 1990 the label Fendissime was founded by the granddaughters with Giambattista Valli as designer. Distinctive accessories secured a large clientele during the 90s. In 1992, Selvi , granddaughter of Adele Casagrande, became the label’s new creative director, and under her creative direction, the brand designed the label’s best-selling fendi baguette bag. In 1999 the brand sold a 51% stake in Prada and LVMH. However, LVMH has been the sole owner of the shares since 2001. The company is considered one of the most important and influential fashion houses in Italy. Highly exclusive quality fur and leather give the label its unique character. Daring combinations of colours and materials make the collections shine and look different. The versatile Fendi Casa offers ideal furnishing solutions for private homes and guest areas. The advanced collection blends seamlessly into your interior with timeless details and enriches your living spaces with inviting elegance like the fendi furniture.

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