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Jimmy Choo Dubai

Jimmy Choo Dubai is a leading global luxury brand with a powerful sense of glamour and a playful, daring spirit. The brand’s origins date back to a custom shoemaker named Jimmy Choo, who was based in London’s East End in the early 1990s and focused on the global jet set, including Princess Diana. The Jimmy Choo company was founded in 1996, with Mr. Choo’s niece, Sandra Choi, who directed the design at the East End workshop and joined as Creative Director, a position she still holds today. Mr. Choo left the company in 2001. The sexy cut, fashionable design and exceptional Italian craftsmanship attracted the attention of a sophisticated clientele and the first collection was an immediate success. With the goal of creating a global luxury company, Jimmy Choo attracted outside investment and began to expand significantly in product categories, channels and regions. Jimmy Choo pioneered the art of dressing celebrities and was one of the first to bring shoes and handbags to Hollywood, where the red carpet proved to be the ideal runway for the brand. Today, Jimmy Choo can be seen on style icons, from celebrities to royalty, musicians and heads of state. The brand’s reputation as a celebrity favorite has contributed to its rapid expansion. The iconography was further defined by bold and dramatic advertising that represented glamorous but daring.

Jimmy Choo shoes, bags and more

The company’s first Jimmy Choo store opened on Motcomb Street in London in 1996, complementing distribution in some of the most prestigious and selective department stores. The sexy cut and fashionable design of the shoes, combined with exceptional Italian craftsmanship, attracted the attention of customers and the first collection was an immediate success. Choi’s fashion acumen, combined with the skills she refined as a custom shoemaker, created a collection that made the quality of haute couture available in stores.

Jimmy Choo uae

Jimmy Choo uae includes a complete brand of luxury accessories. Women’s shoes remain at the center of the product range, along with handbags, small leather goods, scarves, sunglasses, glasses, belts, fragrances and men’s shoes. Jimmy Choo shoes are very popular. They are delicious and exude quality and luxury. They make each suit into something extra and can be combined with different outfits. Jimmy Choo sneakers are really a must for fashion lovers.

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