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The designer Virgil Abloh founded OFF WHITE in 2012 and has become successful primarily through its ”everything in quote” printing. Today the brand is one of the most successful in the world. Stars like Mo Vlogs, Huda Beauty or Justin Bieber are big fans of the designer and his clothes. Most recently, he designed the wedding dress of Hailey Bieber and ensured an extreme range. When it comes to fashion, The Luxury Hall is the right destination. Virgil Abloh’s Milan-based fashion and lifestyle label has garnered cult appeal from high-profile fans, including Kanye West, thanks to the urban streetwear edge that infuses his menswear collections. Drawing influences from sportswear culture and a bold hip-hop aesthetic, expect logo-emblazoned denim, block colouring and sleek leathers. OFF WHITE is now available at The Luxury Hall.


Grey areas or the black white printing on the back, that’s how you recognize the brand. On our platform you will find the most popular products from OFF-WHITE, even limited products are listed on our site so that you are always up to date. Expand your online shopping horizon with the luxury hall and gain new experiences. The Luxury Hall is the right destination when it comes to OFF-WHITE UAE online shops.


The 36 year old from Rockford, Illinois, has never completed any design training, yet the creative director of the OFF-WHITE label is currently storming the old-established bastions: in 2013 he founded the brand, a year later he already had a permanent place in the Parisian show calendar and last year he was a finalist in the prestigious LVMH Prize. The label now has 14 permanent employees and the men’s and women’s collections are sold in over 220 stores. Buy your next OFF-WHITE product at The Luxury hall and never miss any sale offers again!

Off White Dubai

Off White, run by Virgil Abloh, is a fashion brand that has its roots in today’s culture at a level of taste that has so far proven to be special. With a specific opinion and not necessarily the same vision, they offer seasonal collections for men and women.


Although American Abloh, born in 1980, feels completely at home in the world of fashion, he is not so comfortable in the industry in which he works. A graduate of the Illinois Institute of Technology, Abloh began his career with an architectural firm and founded RSVP Gallery, an art gallery in his hometown of Chicago. In 2009, he joined Kanye West’s creative agency Donda, where he became artistic director and supervised shows and merchandising items. It wasn’t until 2012 that Abloh entered the world of fashion. In that year, the designer launched the fashion brand Pyrex Vision, which printed logos on T-shirts by Ralph Lauren and others. At the same time Abloh worked with designers Matthew Williams and Heron Preston in the collective called ‘Been Trill’. The designer quit Pyrex Vision a year later, and founded his Off-White brand.

Off White Shoes, Belt, Hoodie & more

Off White Shoes, Belt Hoodie and more. With the haute couture brand of Off White streetwear, Abloh reaches the target group he describes as “the girl who wears Céline and the guy who wears Supreme, but they’re together. “They share their wardrobe, their high-low combination reflects the Off-White world view.

OFF WHITE hoodie, T-shirt and more

When Abloh debuted his own brand in 2013, he did so with T-shirts, hooded sweaters and sneakers. The brand’s most popular item is a yellow-banded belt with the logo printed on it; Instagram premium material. This is how Abloh managed to tie the young generation to himself. Meanwhile, it turns out that Abloh has so much more to offer, from tulle dresses to coveted handbags, you can’t imagine if it’s in the Off-White assortment. There is also the brand’s range of furniture and ready-made products to further reinforce a lifestyle approach. All products are based on a concept that is adapted from season to season. Production is based in Milan, with the core value being the brand that is made from the best available and specific views on fabric, fit and manufacturing. The result is a young brand that embraces the present in a refined way.

Off White UAE

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