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With THE LUXURY HALL and philipp plein dubai we would like to offer you the opportunity to experience luxury online shopping in a new way.

Because the world is colorful, we want to build something big with you. Everyone deserves to have access to the world of luxury and if we work hand in hand we can make it happen. A better experience, with THE LUXURY HALL is just one of the many possibilities.

Especially in Dubai you can see what is possible if you have a goal in mind, and with philipp plein dubai we show the new ways of the fashion luxury scene. Now you have the opportunity to buy beautiful dresses, T-shirts & polo shirts, cool tops and brand hot knitwear, as well as blazers.

Philipp Plein Dubai online shop

Philipp Plein dubai online shop at TheLuxuryHall. Especially with our polo shirts from philipp plein official online shop you can transport strong messages to the outside. Additionally we offer exclusive Coats & Jackets, Street Couture, Denim and Pants & Shorts. With these you can catapult your style to a new level and we want to push you to the limits of what is possible. In summary, we offer you a better experience for inspiration, fashion and offers. Also you can save your money with our philipp plein sale offers, because you are our customer and we want to treat our customers like kings. So get into the fashion luxury online spaceship towards the sun. Furthermore you can buy dreamlike skirts, suits & jumpsuits, swimwear and underwear. Last but not least we wish you a sensational day and lots of fun with your philipp plein outlet online store have fun.

Shop Philipp Plein Dubai or Abu Dhabi

Rivets, skulls and a lot of leather – the label Philipp Plein from the designer of the same name focuses on deliberately measured provocation. With extraordinary success: celebrities like Naomi Campbell and Marcus Schenkenberg are among the brand’s fans. Are you also a Philipp Plein type? Then have fun browsing in Philipp Plein online shop on TheLuxuryHall! Current women’s collection is characterized by a mix of playful femininity and dark elements. The girls’ stereotypical princess print T-shirts are paired with leather jackets, studded details and Gothic-style dresses. For men, typical print shirts with skulls, animals and tribes dominate. In addition there are jogging pants, torn jeans, fireman and motorcycle jackets, which are decorated with many seams, zippers and rivets. Do you want to be informed about Philipp Plein? Just follow the brand here in the store! Discover most wanted designer brands at a glance.

Philipp Plein official online shop from TLH

After initially trying his hand at the interior design industry, the Munich native reoriented himself in 2008 and founded his fashion brand Philipp Plein. He became polarized with his swinging and unconventional collections. This helped the German-born designer to establish himself in the fashion industry and especially in the United States. Meanwhile, luxury lovers all over the world rely on eccentric appearance.


Find now the best offers in our store. We have everything your heart desires. With this brand you are perfectly dressed and show what you stand for. We stand for best quality, online shopping UAE on another level.


Ladies, gentleman and their clothes have always been a good team, so hardly any lady doesn’t enjoy browsing through the shops of this world in search of new favorites. You can now do your shopping tour for new women’s clothing from the comfort of your own home. The shop of TLH offers you a large selection of women’s and men’s fashion – just buy your clothes online or in philipp plein dubai. Look forward to a variety of designs, shapes and brands of women’s clothing for every type with the philipp plein jacket. Blouses and philipp plein t shirt are indispensable parts of women’s summer fashion with strong colours and trendy details, many labels bring a large portion of holiday feeling directly to your home like the philipp plein cap. A pair of philipp plein jeans from the TLH UAE online shop is a safe choice, because it goes well with a blouse as well as a casual philipp plein shirt or vest. Whether maxi-, midi- or mini-variant: you decide how much skin you want to show. On cooler days you can complement your skirt with the matching sweater, because they are simply indispensable when walking in philipp plein abu dhabi ! Philipp plein t shirt 2017 are timeless classics, so a wide selection is simply a must. The philipp plein 2018,with long, short or ¾ arms they can be combined wonderfully with many outfits, also wonderfully suitable for philipp plein kids. Unusual models serve as eye-catchers and create casual looks for every occasion with philipp plein sale. Casual, sporty cuts with prints, patterns or imprints are suitable for leisure time. So you combine wearing comfort with the latest trends, more elegant shirts with philipp plein shirt price transparent fabric go well with evening wear or office outfits. Whether individually or in combination with an elegant blazer, a ladies shirt can always conjure up a serious appearance. Be creative and underline your individuality with the model selection that underlines your type and can be easily combined with your clothes of philipp plein 2017.


They are probably the most pragmatic of all pieces of jewellery: They serve their purpose by showing you the time and are also a real eye-catcher in the philipp plein dubai mall. At TLH you’ll find all the latest trends to showcase your wrist perfectly at the best philipp plein outlet. Whether large or small, multicoloured or plain: you decide which ladies’ watch model suits your taste for philipp plein dubai careers. The watches are available in different versions of philipp plein ae. Ladies’ watches have been a status symbol for many decades and over the years, ladies’ chronographs have developed into a real must-have and continuing navigation you agree.


It is well known that an outfit without the right shoes is not perfect, women and men have known this for many centuries, because the history of shoes goes back a long way. And even if you already have many models in your shoe cupboard, a new pair of philipp plein shoes can be very useful for every woman and men, because the selection is simply so versatile! And also for chic occasions TLH has exactly the right women valentino philipp plein for you. From exciting high heels to elegant pumps to feminine peeptoes, there’s everything to make your fashion heart beat faster with philipp plein egypt. For the warm summer days we have the philipp plein kids sale and they offer you a better experience.


Elegant accessories from the star designer: With philipp plein bag you have an exclusive piece of the casual line by star designer on your arm. They combine the high-quality material of the Haute Couture range with discreet chic for everyday use. Fans of Plein bags appreciate the stylish look of his fashion, which proves that elegance can be relaxed, which also applies to bags. Wonderfully fine leather with clean seams, which give the bags a straight line, is typical for the Shopper, whose large volume is ideal for excursions or everyday office life. Depending on the season, the models also experiment with material mixes such as straw and leather, making even the largest bag a lightweight philipp plein homme . A bag, shopper or shoulder bag therefore harmonises perfectly with a professional business outfit and comes with a large main compartment that offers everything you need on the go in philipp plein boutique. Nevertheless, thanks to the feminine details, your bag or clutch doesn’t look overdressed after work as an accessory for the Martini and combine your style with a philipp plein belt. The rounded shapes of this patent leather bag embody a special elegance. The cover flap features the gemstone version of the hexagonal logo. Detachable metal chain as carrying strap. The bag can be converted into a belt bag in no time with a removable belt.


Where large fashion houses took almost a century to establish themselves in the stormy world of fashion and become a size, he makes it in less than a decade. Where the big ones in the industry had loans or investors for millions, he had only one right strategy profiling cookies to offer . And where Karl Lagerfeld needed more than half a century to become the international fashion size, after a decade he is about to become the biggest fashion designer not only in Germany. Philipp Plein conquers the world with philipp plein brand. On Friday Philipp Plein was awarded the GQ Awards in London for The Brand of the Year philipp plein logo. For me an occasion like the 40 year old managed to become the GQ Brand of the Year within 10 years. This motto made Philipp Plein the most successful German fashion brand on the philipp plein new york fashion week. And even early in his career as a designer, being different helped him to success. After only half a year, the Munich designer dropped out of his law studies and decided to do something of his own see philipp plein wiki. What exactly he didn’t know yet, but what he knew was he had to be different with website uses profiling ! Philipp Plein’s fascination with design has always been there, even though he didn’t yet find his way to fashion design. He covered steel sofas and armchairs with crocodile leather and then fitted them with stones. He then travelled with his furniture to various large furniture fairs throughout Europe and, in fact, his furniture found buyers. They even encountered such a great desire that Plein had problems producing his products in larger quantities see philipp plein wikipedia.

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