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Welcome to THE LUXURY HALL with the most beautiful design for you to experience luxury online shopping in a new way. We have interesting knowledge from the fashion world and great offers for your yves saint laurent uae products. In addition, you can easily shop from the comfort of your own home and have the items delivered to your home in a comfortable way. We provide with our service for men and women and with designer yves saint laurent for pure joy with our customers and thus also with you.

Now you can view the shop for women and men with the new collections ready to wear in our fashion house. Because you can build something big together with us because we believe in the colourful world of fashion and high brands. What do you associate with yves saint laurent uae other than online shopping fashion?

Buy now your shoes with very large customer satisfaction with us, as well as your bags suitably to each style. You are welcome to inform yourself about our concept of luxury, prêt à porter and rive gauche, as well as couture house, le smoking and ready to wear at the best price. What is also very important to us is the user interface on our site for you. In addition to the offers for the products, we want to offer you the perfect total package with the quality of our websites. After you have enjoyed shopping online, you can lean back and relax on your coach. After that you shade in the TV and watch the yves saint laurent film.


If you need charming mini bags, belts and belt bags you have the best option now. Just go to THE LUXURY HALL, look for your desired products such as small leather goods and buy from us with the best gut feeling. In addition, with yes saint laurent we are a top safe online shopping partner for you. Buy now like anthony vaccarello your accessories from silk and hats, sunglasses and high-quality jewellery from us. Last but not least we now enjoy a beautiful day and wish you the same and of course we would be happy if you tell your friends about us and yves saint laurent uae.

Shop Saint Laurent UAE

Find now the best yves saint laurent offers in our store. Don’t miss any crazy deals. We have everything your heart desires. With this brand you are perfectly dressed and show what you stand for. We stand for best quality, online shopping UAE on another level. Now we would like to show you some of our products.


Get now the yves saint laurent handbags for very good looks and best comfort. For women, we offer all types of bags, . They are stylish and timeless. Here you will find the best selection for business or private meetings. With us you have the best appearance at business and private for every occasion. We at TLH always want to show you the best of all brands in the world, so refine your charisma now. This is certainly one of the coolest, if not the coolest Italian brands. There’s a lot to be said about that, and we have a special blend of craftsmanship, craftsmanship and quality. And mix it with a modern, somewhat crazy side, for example with the yves saint laurent pochette and the shoulder bags. With the yves saint laurent bags you have a variety of exclusive bags combined with a certain style, perfect for sunny days in Dubai. In addition, you can visit the most beautiful places with the best yves saint laurent porte monnaie. The yves saint laurent clutch are available in many different designs, so you are sure to find the right model for your style. Modern bags like the yves saint laurent brown bag present themselves as practical everyday companions who not only convince with maximum functionality, but also with a high style factor. The special attraction of the handbags comes from the individualisation and the high quality of the materials with the the mondrian collection of yves saint laurent. Only the finest leather is used in the production process. And this also applies to the specials: there are always strictly limited creations, including the yves saint laurent collection. Folded skilfully, the leather turns into a bag available in three versions: a bag in two formats that can be worn long on the shoulder or crosswise thanks to the adjustable carrying chain or leather carrying strap, and a clutch for carrying in the hand in our online store. Completely made of metal or in a lacquered version, this fascinatingly simple bag convinces with its elegant closure like the sac de jour for the best fashion yves saint laurent.


It is well known that an outfit without the right shoes is not perfect, women have known this for many centuries, because the history of shoes goes back a long way. And even if you already have many models in your shoe cupboard, a new pair is a great choice for every woman, because the selection is so versatile! For winter temperatures, there are great leather boots that turn every outfit into a fashionable highlight in yves saint laurent abu dhabi. And you can also find rocky bootees in the online shop, where you can show your wild side like the espadrilles yves saint laurent. Of course, for your summer holiday you need airy shoes that don’t constrict you and that you can quickly take off on the beach in yves saint laurent dubai. If you are a summer child, you love sandals anyway and the beautiful strappy sandals that are so popular this summer are among the airiest with patent leather. They can be combined well with any summer outfit and decorate your feet with an imaginative cut. Feel the difference and buy your shoes now from our selection from TLH your provider for online shopping UAE. Do you like the shoes from our experts from the fields of design, quality, customer satisfaction and much more in yves saint laurent dubai mall. A pleasantly tingling summer on your skin with the unique yves saint laurent boutique. And maybe you ask yourself right now how much is yves saint laurent shoes in abu dhabi, so you have to visit TLH with the best deals.


A yves saint laurent fragrance is a mostly liquid mixture of alcohol and odoriferous substances which is intended to produce pleasant odors. But you will only realize how brilliant our fragrances are if you buy your fragrance now for example our yves saint laurent bouquet parfum. Attract your contacts with a breathtaking fragrance and buy the best selection of yves saint laurent perfume womens from us now. Make a magical entrance and make sure nobody forgets you anymore like fashion designer. The brand is one of the top international companies in both the fashion and cosmetics industries for example with perfume yves saint laurent mujer. Since the beginning they have enchanted men and women all over the world. Not only the ingredients of the yves saint laurent perfume are of high quality and standard, but also the advertising campaigns of the fragrance creations are top-class. The woman is a self-confident, emancipated young woman who enjoys her freedom and her life with her yves saint laurent parfum femme. Nevertheless, flowers play a central role in the advertising campaign. This is because originally created the fragrance with the intention of enveloping perfume for women with an irresistible aura like the yves saint laurent perfume manifesto.

The combination of boldness and surprise is what has made so revolutionary like the yves saint laurent jazz eau de toilette. The floral scent composition ofyves saint laurent perfume men is the expression of absolute men. Presence and subtlety are united in this fragrance, enveloping its wearer like a delicate breath that sensually caresses the skin, so the yves saint laurent parfum speaks for itself. Yves saint laurent la nuit de l homme eau électrique is rough and elegant at the same time, but at the same time it captivates with a radical freshness that almost looks like an overdose with the yves saint laurent la nuit. In particular, freedom and a spirit of adventure are the main components of this advertising campaign. l homme sport yves saint laurent reveals a whole new desire, positive and vibrant, a desire for joy, youthfulness and daring. The quintessence of prestige and sophistication in a generous and powerful yves saint laurent la nuit de l homme . An intense iris scent with a sensual facet of amber and precious notes flows its seductive charm like the black opium yves saint laurent 90ml . A sensual interpretation with an inviting scent with the l homme yves saint laurent ultime and also mon paris eau de parfum.


A perfect complexion? Of course! But how does the look succeed so wonderfully even, so flawless, without appearing mask-like and covered with make-up? Which foundation best suits which skin type, which creates which finish? Well covering and smooth, light as a feather and shimmering – these are the most important yves saint laurent foundationvariations: When using the word “make-up” you probably have the classic beauty products like mascara yves saint laurent volume effet faux cils and yves saint laurent lipstick in mind. But there are other types of make-up. Here you can find out about the occasions on which to apply make-up like the yves saint laurent touche eclat. The concealing make-up is also called camouflage and is mainly used, as the name suggests, to cover or conceal skin impurities (cosmetically as well as medically) like the yves saint laurent creme. Cosmetic make-up serves primarily the purpose of decorative body ornaments and to increase a person’s radiance, for example with full metal shadow yves saint laurent, or the mascara volume effet faux cils. With cosmetics such as yves saint laurent beauté volupté liquid balm anyone can create a new appearance, conjure up a new external character or emphasize his most beautiful properties as well as the eyes with yves saint laurent eyeshadow. Flaws such as wrinkles or skin discolorations can be concealed and thus the personal attractiveness can be emphasized when walking in yves saint laurent marrakech. Typical cosmetic products include facial make-up, eye shadow with dramatic volume, nail polish and lipstick such as the portefeuille yves saint laurent femme. The medical make-up is used to conceal disfiguring skin changes such as burn scars, burns, port-wine stains, birthmarks or messed up tattoos. In the meantime, however, this is used less frequently, since progressive laser and skin transplant therapies solve the problems permanently. Learn more at yves saint laurent careers dubai. The cultural make-up shows a certain affiliation to an ethnic, religious, social, musical, cultural or nowadays to subcultural groups, which you can experience with the opium by yves saint laurent for women.


Finish your outfit now with our selection of yves saint laurent sunglasses. We have round, square and many more species for you. Do you know already the glasses collection, for your visit the desert in Dubai with the matching yves saint laurent careers uae outfit. You have never been so enchanted in the desert with the logo yves saint laurent.


Maybe you sometimes ask yourself how to say yves saint laurent It may be that the brand is not easy to express, but the brand convinces with high quality. If you want to be a part of the movement, you can get information from yves saint laurent careers. In the yves saint laurent online store there is a distinctive selection of the finest and most attractive wardrobes and jewellery worldwide. The yves saint laurent logo symbolizes clear demands on value. Do you know already the ankle strap from the brand?

Saint Laurent YSL UAE

Yves saint laurent designer grew up in Algeria because his grandparents had fled there during the Franco-German war. His father was the owner of an insurance company. Saint Laurent’s mother read many fashion magazines and liked to discuss her clothes with the dressmaker – young Yves was often one of them. After winning a competition for fashion drawings, Yves Saint Laurent came to Paris at the age of 17. Here he trained as a fashion and stage designer at the fashion school “Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture”. Only one year later in 1954 he became – together with Karl Lagerfeld – Christian Dior’s assistant until his death in 1957. In 1958 he presented his first own collection, which was controversially discussed, but became a worldwide success, which can also be seen in the musée yves saint laurent. Inspired by this experience, Saint Laurent ventured into revolutionary creations: knee-free hems, knitted models with turtlenecks, leather blousons, all very youthful and less ladylike. Dior, until then still his financier, gave notice to the experimental Laurent, whereupon he founded his own haute couture salon with his business and life partner Pierre Bergé yves saint laurent and pierre bergé. In 1966, he opened his first prêt-à-porter boutique. After years of success, during which he repeatedly set trends, he said goodbye to haute couture in 2002. The designer died in June 2008 after a long illness yves saint laurent death. To show the life and the extraordinary story to the people there is the yves saint laurent movie. If you want to enrich yourself with knowledge and inspiration, you can visit the musée yves saint laurent marrakech.

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