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Welcome to THE LUXURY HALL, your contact point for high-quality luxury and designer fashion products, for pure destination. You are welcome to inform yourself about long sleeve and the iconic stone island compass. If you want to know more about massimo osti, shipping to united and cp company, you will find the answers here.

Buy now your jackets and coats from stone island dubai from our novelties, with which you are guaranteed to attract attention. In addition, there are first-class trousers such as the Bermuda shorts available at island stone. And if you’re looking for a fancy or cool men’s suit, you’ll always find absolute safety here. Because we are THE LUXURY HALL, the definition for luxury online shopping in fashion.

Imagine going on a journey, getting to know new customs and cultures, or a change from the warm weather. Especially in situations where you travel to unfamiliar places, it makes sense to deal with the weather conditions. Especially in areas where it’s cooler, fresher wind and it can chill, you need clothes to keep you warm.

And right now we come into play with stone island dubai, because on the one hand we fulfill the above mentioned point, and on the other hand we make you look extremely cool.


If you want to know more you can also read the island stone book and let yourself be inspired by our interesting story to more zest for action in your life and exciting knowledge in the fashion world. Especially accessories provide more comfort in our life and with our products you can choose the right one for you from exquisite goods like caps, belts and face protection.

Last but not least we wish you an exciting and at the same time entertaining shopping time with us. If you like THE LUXURY HALL, we would be very happy if you would introduce us to your friends. In this way we also enable an exchange in the fashion world with information about carlo rivetti for example.

The Stone Island Story

In 1982, one of the most popular brands today, Stone Island was created almost by accident by Carlo Rivetti and designer Massimo Osti. The company was supported by Gruppon GFT, Carlo Rivetti’s family business, known at the time as one of the largest clothing factories of its time, as a supporter of brands such as Valentino, Armani and Ungaro.

Massimo was at least ten years ahead of the others in his field. He saw himself as a producer rather than a fashion designer. His performance on the Stone Island was not only attractive and marketable, but also true to his fundamental belief in casual wear. His ideas came from military and work clothing, accompanied by endless textile research. In the mid-90s, the roads separated Massimo and Rivetti. At that time, Rivetti faced the difficult task of finding a new designer for Stone Island. In 1994 he came across the work of designer Paul Harvey, an English designer living in Italy. Rivetti was struck by a strange sense of familiarity and so Harvey and Rivetti began the second era of Stone Island in 1996. After 12 great years, Paul had to leave the fashion world to “do something for the planet”. With such noble ambition, Rivetti could only accept and support his decision. At that point Rivetti concluded that the era of having a man at the helm was over. Times had changed. It was necessary to be multicultural to be truly contemporary. Rivetti created a design team for Stone Island. He felt that at this time it was only possible to deal with all aspects of a world with multiple minds and different visions: and Stone Island has been doing that since 2008 to the present.

Stone Island Patch

The Stone Island’s universally known compass symbolized the love of the sea and commitment to constant research. The now iconic Stone Island badges on the sides of the jackets and sweaters are also inspired by military insignia and have been included in Stone Island designs from the beginning.

Stone Island Jacket and more

The passion of the Stone Island team can be seen in all the articles of the brand. The Stone Island jacket has been the best of all for years. Qualitative, beautiful design and the famous Stone Island badge, the Stone Island jackets have it all. Each suit has a more powerful look with the addition of a Stone Island jacket. A true addition to every fashion lover’s closet.

Stone Island Sweater and more

Stone Island sweaters are also recognized by the insignia on the sleeve. The sweaters are of good quality, are extremely comfortable and last a long time. Combine them with a good pair of jeans and sneakers for a cool look or wear a Stone Island sweater in your pants and wear boots underneath: totally superior!


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