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Welcome to THE LUXURY HALL and versace dubai mall the luxury online shopping place to be. So take a look at the products you are looking for and at the same time find out about many interesting topics. For example about sister donatella, gianni versace, and the versace uae fashion house.

Let us inspire you to choose the most beautiful and coolest fashion products from the luxury segment for you. Maybe you have already seen this strong brand in versace dubai mall, but if you haven’t found the right one, you can find inspiration and other advantages here. For example, you can have the purchased goods delivered to your home in a relaxed manner while you are busy with other things.

If there is such a great way to save time, why not use it? With versace uae you will be inspired to a new size with THE LUXURY HALL in a region full of possibilities. Just when you think of the versace logo, the lions immediately catch your eye and stand for strength.


Everyone associates something different with a logo, and we want our brand to stand for pure luxury, to make you cosmopolitan with inspiration from the fashion sector of many cultures. If you are interested in donatella versace, online trade, fashion and culture, you are in the right place with us. Last but not least, we wish you a inspirational shopping experience with us and your versace online.

With us you will find everything from dresses, jackets & coats, blazers, blouses & tops, knitwear, t-shirts & sweatshirts and skirts. Based on this we also have the shorts denim, activewear, beachwear, underwear and socks for you. Everyone loves our bathrobes and bags.

We hope that you will also fall in love with the incredible selection of designer exclusives like elton john, the baroque prints and the medusa head.

Versace UAE

Find now the best offers in our store. We have everything your heart desires. With this brand you are perfectly dressed and show what you stand for. We stand for best quality, online shopping UAE on another level.


Interior design is a passion of Versace. Shop now at pompously designed rooms, golden lions, strong accents, that’s what it stands for. Do you like the song versace on the floor ? There are many places in the world where the brand is strongly represented. In versace hotel dubai luxury plays its own game. It draws people under its spell, enchants them. Have you ever spent the night with a versace hotel? If this is the case, you know what we are talking about. The luxurious palazzo versace hotel is surrounded by a beautifully landscaped garden and combines elegant elegance and classic design. It is based on a traditional Italian palace from the 16th century. It was very tastefully combined with Arabic elements and all the furnishings were exclusively designed by the Italian fashion house as well as the versace logo. Every single piece of furniture and fabric that decorates the hotel’s 215 rooms and suites as well its 169 residences has been tailor-made and exclusively manufactured by the hotel for the Palazzo Hotel in Dubai. Each of the 8 restaurants and bars of the versace uae hotel is designed so that you can sit on an outdoor terrace and admire and dine on the heritage of the Palazzo, whose courtyard was the informal meeting place, and enjoy the weather. The hotel has 3 outdoor pools with mosaic tiles surrounded by palm trees and flowers. Also in the versace dubai mall you can enjoy the brand and the versace vase with crazy deals.


Add the finishing touch to your look with men’s jewelry – from elegant necklaces and rings to bracelets and earrings. Discover a selection of styles that perfectly complement your elegant look. Pack everything you don’t want to be without on the road in a new travel bag, wallet or messenger bag – discover the range of Palazzo nylon and luxurious leather backpacks that set practical and stylish accents with versace bag. Fine leather versace belt with the unmistakable Medusa buckle, made of grained calfskin or crocodile-look leather in a variety of colours: Find the perfect belt for your style. Make a stylish appearance with elegantly crafted men’s strong>versace shoes – choose from Monkstraps, Oxford shoes, Derbys, Moccasins and Slippers the elegant model that best suits your elegant style.Luxurious comfort – find the right sneaker in a selection of Hi-Top, Low-Top and Slipon sneakers, or choose leather sandals and bath mules for a casual look. Functional watches with innovative design and elegant sophistication. Versace watches – an unmistakable element that perfectly completes your outfit. Elegant gold watches with diamonds set, coloured and mother-of-pearl dials and Swiss automatic or chronograph movement.versus. Set with luxurious cotton Versace Shirt on a casual style. Wear a T-shirt with a slim or normal fit or a polo shirt with classic Medusa and modern, distinctive print details made of comfortable and breathable materials. Face the sun with Versace sunglasses that perfectly complement any look and match a variety of clothing styles. The men’s glasses are made in Italy by only the best opticians. See the world through the eyes of Versace with sunglasses with Havana, Aviator, Visor and square frame versace sunglasses and versace glasses.

Versace women:

Add a touch of glamour to your look with costume jewelry for you. Stand out with crystal versace earrings, leather versace bracelets or necklaces with pendants from the current women’s collection. Precious pieces with sparkling Swarovski stones give your outfit incomparable style. The Icon Bag is an accessory that exemplifies the identity of Versace – a true icon. The icon family includes a range of versace clothes styles including small and large shoulder bags, handbags, clutches and evening bags in a variety of distinctive prints ranging from Gianni Barocco to Trésor de la Mer prints. All Icon bags feature a double clasp with Medusa medallion. The perfect versace dress for every occasion – find your maxi dress, asymmetrical or curvy, mini, cocktail or evening dress in a selection of the most exclusive materials and prints from silk to caddy, embroidered or adorned, which perfectly fits your body and caresses your figure.


Time is real and the taste of our customers is unique. That’s why we want to make a clear statement with our versace perfume. The customer is king and we want to treat every customer equally. With versace perfume for men, men should reinvent their masculine side and make their own statement. Now make sure that your feminine charm is reinforced with the versace perfume for women. Wrap yourself in the scent of Versace. Discover fragrances for women – a mix of love for the brand’s heritage and tradition, daring provocation, seduction and passion. The strength and charisma of a man in fresh and sensual Mediterranean men’s fragrances. Discover a range of men’s fragrances – the essence of pure masculinity for strong, passionate men who walk their own erect path. The versace eros exudes pure enticement with its contemplative scent. You wonder where you can get versace eros pour femme? Buy now at TLH, the biggest online shopping platform UAE with crazy deals. With versace vanitas you can dream on contemplative summer days. The heart laughs – the eyes look skywards.The white linen dress is slipped over, the picnic basket is packed and off you go into the countryside.The blanket spread out in the shade of a tree – on a flower meadow. The scent of lemon tea and freesia rises into my nose and I lean back comfortably with my volume of poems by Rilke. The sun lets the freesias smell, but in the shade it is cool and it smells pleasantly woody. Vanitas – my Latin lessons come to mind – vanity. Yes, the scent is vain in a likeable, unobtrusive way. I am as I am, he tells me quietly. He has gently stolen himself into my heart.Versace pour Homme Dylan Blue Eau de Toilette is a popular perfume for men and appeared in 2016. The fragrance is fresh-aquatic. Although versace bright crystal is a summer fragrance, you can wear this fragrance all year round. In summer, refreshingly invigorating like an ice cube, yet delicate with floral elements. In winter like a fresh cold breeze of the morning air of a beginning winter morning. Who is looking for a noble and seductive-exotic fragrance should choose the unique Versace Crystal Noir, developed by the French star perfumer Antoine Lie. The unique Eau de Parfum is light and sweet, but still fresh and invigorating. This is achieved with a top note of cardamom, ginger and pepper. The oriental seductive heart note conveys the impression of a magnificent sea of flowers, from which peony and gardenia stand out. The floral scent of sandalwood, musk and ambergris is stylishly complemented in the base note. This combination creates a sensual and delicately sweet women’s fragrance. Versace Crystal Noir also conveys an oriental and luxurious flair. A well-balanced blend of different aromas combines to create a new unity and a fascinating fragrance that no other perfume has to offer.


The history of the fashion house Gianni Versace began in 1978, as a small and local brand of the fashion designer Gianni Versace, which later developed into one of the most famous fashion brands in the world. After the surprising death of its founder, the company was in bad shape. Today, a large number of products are united under the Versace umbrella. The label sells not only fashion, but also home textiles and kitchen tiles. After his death, Donatella Versace in particular succeeded him and managed the company. He was always interested in fashion, even in his childhood. He willingly helped in his mother’s studio and took on various tasks there, from the work of a courier to the selection of fabrics. He designed his first dress at the age of nine. Another passion and part of his handwriting as a fashion designer came from ancient ruins and buildings in the country. They later became an important part of the design and contributed to its recognition value. Gianni became a cult and also the company logo. The Versace emblem is the head of the Medusa, in the shape of a woman’s head with snake hair. It deliberately chose it. Thats the versace meaning.Allegra Versace is an Italian businesswoman and the daughter of Donatella. Her uncle bequeathed Allegra 50% of the shares of the family business, his sister donatella versace young inherited 20%.

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