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Glasses For Women Online In Dubai

Glasses have undergone a real image change in recent years. In the past, they were merely a practical aid for correcting a visual defect, but today they are contemporary accessories that are available in a wide variety of shapes, colours and materials. Women, in particular, appreciate the variety of models and are now increasingly opting for second and third glasses. In the search for a new pair of women’s glasses, therefore, the focus is on one person in particular: the wearer. What she likes should be the main consideration when deciding on a frame. Nevertheless, there are a few valuable tips that can be a practical help on the way to the right pair of women’s eyeglasses online – no matter whether you prefer to follow current trends in glasses or want to know which frame suits you best.

The Right Glasses And Frames For Your Face

When choosing the right women’s glasses, it is not just a matter of following trends. Of course the model should also suit you and your facial features. The following tips and the face shape filter in the left navigation menu offer a little orientation. In the end, however, the motto is: good is what you like.

Oval faces: Due to their very symmetrical shape, oval faces fit almost any pair of glasses. Sometimes, however, the faces can appear too long. Racks with high lenses and full rim frames can help. You should rather avoid very narrow, small models.

Round faces: Rectangular or square glasses give you more contour. Round shapes do not fit quite as well.

Heart-shaped faces: Faces with a broad forehead and pointed chin can be fitted with filigree women’s glasses that follow the lateral contours of the face. Square or round frames as well as pilot glasses also go well with heart-shaped faces.

Square faces: Square faces are characterized by a straight lateral contour and a prominent chin. Oval, round or curved shapes in butterfly style suit them best because they make the facial features appear softer.

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