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Hats For Women For Summer In Dubai

The ladies hats is by no means a dusty relic of bygone times, but an absolute trend accessory! Whether a fine model in the style of the Golden Twenties, a large womens hat or a sweet traditional costume variant – the accessory is the perfect finish for your personal style. It can either harmoniously complement your look or give the complete outfit a completely new note.

Huge Selection Of Women Hats

Let’s talk about the right Hat for women with a round face. A Trilby goes very well with a round face. Such a woman’s hat has a rather high headboard and a narrow brim. The silhouette of a trilby is angular and thus creates an optimal balance to a broader face. Also the Fedora with its typical bend in the high headboard has such an effect. If you have a square face then we can recommend a melon, a round shaped ladies hat may be worn. It is best to wear a melon pushed back so far that your hairline is visible. If you have an elongated, narrow face, you can easily reach for voluminous models when wearing a hat. A slouch hat with a wide brim, for example, is great for this face shape. These ladies’ hats look extremely feminine.

Sun Hat For Summer In Dubai

Sun protection should also be considered for holidays far away from the sea. During hikes in the mountains and safaris in the grasslands the sun can also shine strongly. Sun hats made of textile material, such as cotton or linen, are comfortable to wear and can protect you from the sun. If you travel to the sea, the straw hat does not only convey a holiday mood. With this airy headgear you can protect yourself from the sun’s rays when you go to the beach. At the same time the straw hat is a great addition to bikini and sandals for the day under palm trees.

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