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Clutch For Women Online In Dubai

One of the most important accessories, the Clutch. A glamorous evening outfit clearly includes a clutch, which you can of course stylishly clamp under your upper arm or casually hold in one hand. But not all Clutches are the same, we all know that. Which evening bags should accompany you at an event can be found out in the Clutch Trends. You’re right, choosing loyal companions for your smartphone, cash, keys, lipstick and mascara is not easy.

Clutch Types For The right Outfit

For a truly glamorous evening event, you should take a discreet approach and choose a discreet boxing clutch in black, silver or gold to go with your magnificent evening gown. This way you play it safe and stay dressed up for the occasion. A little more casual than the boxing clutch and always a good solution is the classic wallet-shaped clutch. If you don’t know what to expect in the evening, then go for this classic, with which you simply can’t go wrong. At a party, a little extravagance can’t hurt. Again, you can use a boxing clutch here. This time, however, a model full of crystals, glitter and metallic-look stones. This will magically enhance your look. Are you invited to a wedding? Great, then it’s time for a romantic clutch with 3D flower appliqués that are really en vogue at the time of the hippie revival. You’re just a Fashoinista through and through? Stand by and top your look with hip fun bags. Funny faces on your boxing clutch or a lip shaped clutch are the it bags par excellence.

Dior Clutch For A Glamorous Outfit

Dior is particularly popular this year. With the new monogram design they have broken new ground and this is especially well received!

Bottega Veneta Clutch For Women Online

Bottega Veneta has taken big steps forward in the past years! Especially in the UAE the brand is experiencing a lot of hype. Find now the right Bottega Veneta Clutch on The Luxury Hall.

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