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Satchel Bag And Crossbody Bag For Women Online

Satchel Bags and Crossbody Bags are simply practical: their shoulder strap can usually be adjusted so that you can wear them elegantly over your shoulder when you’re on a business meeting or comfortably sloping over your upper body when you’re shopping. The advantage of carrying your bag at a slant is that the weight is well distributed, the bag nestles up against your body and you have both hands free. Inside, a lockable compartment for your keys and a mobile phone pocket are important. If you take your bag to the office, it should also have several interior pockets so you can distinguish between important documents and quickly find what you’re looking for.

Different Satchel Bag And Crossbody Bag Styles

For the office, a Satchel bag or Crossbody Bag with several interior compartments is well suited to store important documents in an orderly fashion. Small additional compartments offer space for pens, USB sticks and other things you want to have at hand quickly. A classic design is easy to combine and looks serious. A black, dark blue or cream-coloured bag can be combined well with trouser suits or with a skirt and blouse in muted colours.

Satchel Bag And Crossbody Bags For Partynights

For club nights, a petite Satchel bag or Crossbody bag is suitable, in which you can store important utensils such as identity card, money and mobile phone in an inside pocket with zipper. A strap made of metal links adds a shiny accent, while a contrasting bag with decorative stitching complements your black jumpsuit or little black dress. Even an elegant clutch becomes a shoulder bag with the optional shoulder strap. It goes well with a one-shoulder dress in taffeta with sophisticated draping and high heels.

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