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Shoulder Bags For Women In Dubai

The Shoulder Bag is the best friend among handbags. To the office, on a date, to the cinema or to the bar – a shoulder bag can hold not only the most important things but also everything second or third most important. You will find the most beautiful models with us!

The Right Shoulder Bag For Your Sytle

This bag does not need trend alerts, it is always fashionably up to date! Worn over the shoulder bag or crossbody bags, you make a visual statement with an expressive shoulder bag. You will quickly find out which handbag size is ideal for you in everyday life. For those who like to keep it minimal, rich little shoulder bags offer exactly the right space for keys, mobile phone and wallet, ideal for parties or long club nights. If you want to be prepared for all eventualities, go for medium models with one or two compartments. They not only hold your most important belongings, but also a beauty bag, sun cream or your latest reading matter, which can be stored easily and within easy reach. Perfect for when you’re on the move or for a spontaneous stroll through town. Do you like to carry a water bottle, thermal spray or your tablet with you in addition to the usual things? Then elegant shoulder bags, which despite their size do not look like a shopping bag, are ideal for you! So that the little things don’t get lost in the big picture, you can master the creative chaos thanks to small zipper pockets and several practical compartments.

Shoulder Bag – Different Styles

Everyone can certainly remember the time when the school backpack gradually became uncool and you wanted something adult. You know, like a real purse. Practical but still chic. The shoulder bag has become a personal classic among handbags, now all you have to do is find the right one for your style. Made of leather, fabric or imitation leather, there are no limits to the designs. There are endless models: shoulder bags with fringes in a cool boho look, iconically quilted like the legendary Gucci Shoulder Bag , in brightly coloured statement colours or simple business style. Eye-catching buckles, elegant handles and zippers visually enhance the whole thing!

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