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Find The Perfect Jacket For Every Season

Who doesn’t know the Jacket. A fashion piece which is in every wardrobe. Logically, it is often the last touch of an outfit and keeps you warm. Many different designs, materials and brands. Wear your Jackets only loosely over the shoulder or, even more trendy, off-shoulder. So dressed, but sliding down over the shoulders. But what are the right jackets for the season and how do you set the scene perfectly? We will answer this and many more questions now!

What Type Of Jacket is a Must Have For This Year?

When it comes to jackets for women, a lot of doors are open to you. Let’s start with the perfect Jacket for summer evenings in Dubai. But for the evening cocktail you should always have a blazer, a Denim Jacket or a stylish cape in your luggage. They are styling miracles and easily adapt to any look. If you decide on a hip Bomber Jacket, compliments are guaranteed. Sometimes sporty in college style, sometimes super feminine with flower embroidery – in a classic, shiny nylon look, the blouson Jacket with its characteristic cuffs on sleeves, collar and hem continues to be a success. For the cold weather there is reinforcement from the Puffer Jackets. It’s back and it’s going through an image change. Leather Jackets in biker style with rivets have it in itself. They match perfectly with the small black, dark grey or black denims with rough ankle boots. Sneakers, light tops and print t-shirts loosen up the look optically.

How To Clean A Leather Jacket?

The Leather Jacket may always be washed in the washing machine. However, if the leather fabrics are particularly expensive, delicate or thin, you should switch to hand washing or take the clothes to the dry cleaner. In addition, select a temperature of only 30 degrees Celsius and opt for a short programme of around 30 to 45 minutes running time. Avoid chemical additives as much as possible and wash the leather jacket with plenty of water. The detergents should ideally consist of natural ingredients. Vegetable products and oils are particularly gentle on the leather.

Jacket Brands For Your Wardrobe

Three brands made it in our Fashion Ranking this year. We start with Gucci Jacket. Compared to last year, the demand for a Gucci jacket has increased by over 50%! Definitely a must have for your closet.  A second place we have the Fendi Jacket. Fendi has generally enjoyed extremely high demand in recent months. The search for Fendi Jackets has increased by 65% compared to last year, so there is also a must in your clothing collection. Last but not least, a brand that belongs to the hottest urban street styles, Off White. With an Off White jacket you will attract the attention of everyone! The famous logo of the brand catches everyone’s eye and you will be the eye-catcher of the streets. In comparison to last year, we recorded a demand of more than 35%.

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