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Ladies Knitwear For Every Occasion

Warm, cuddly and stylish! A pretty sweater in coarse knit is the perfect solution for cold days and just the right thing if you want to look stylish but don’t want to sacrifice comfort. But especially with Knitwear the focus is on quality. Poor quality garments do not provide the best comfort. At The Luxury Hall you will find high quality knitwear from the most wanted brands and shops.

Womens Knitwear Trends For This Season

Fashion has no boundaries, this also applies to Knitwear. Thanks to the many trendy designs, knitted Sweaters have left behind the image of the Christmas present knitted by grandma and are now a must in the wardrobe of every fashion fan. Whether in elegant grey or black, a cool coarse knitted piece in oversized look in these colours always looks classy and looks especially stylish with narrow trousers and ankle boots or in combination with a pencil skirt.

Knitwear Brand Trends for This Year

Also this year two top brands stand out. Brands where quality and comfort always come first. Burberry Knitwear and Tom Ford Knitwear made it into our fashion ranking this year. In 1856 Thomas Burberry, a textile merchant who grew up near Dorking, opened his first textile shop in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Since then, the brand has stood for the world-famous check pattern on all products

How To Wash Knitwear?

Anyone who owns Knitwear from designer brands is right to have these thoughts. But first the question arises: When should I wash my wool garment? On no account after every wear! Thanks to the dirt and odour repellent properties of wool fibre, it is perfectly sufficient to air the garment a few times before washing it. This works best in humid night air – this way wrinkles and odours disappear. Always pay attention to the care instructions given by the manufacturer on the label! Only wool that is marked as machine washable may end up in the washing machine. A mild wool detergent should also be used in the machine – heavy-duty detergents and mild detergents have an alkaline effect and can even cause holes. You should not use fabric softener on wool because it damages the sensitive fibres. And: always choose the wool washing cycle! It is particularly gentle and the laundry is not heavily spun. But beware: too much load on the washing drum puts a strain on the textiles during washing. Therefore make sure that the drum is not too full and ideally only a quarter full. With these tips, washing Knitwear should no longer be a problem.

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