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Shorts For Women Online – Summer Season

Keep it short! When the temperatures rise, the mood rises with it and the trousers become shorter. It’s great that the designers are again providing us with plenty of inspiration from the catwalk this year. Whether leather shorts, denim or lace – shorts are more diverse this year than ever before. So it’s high time to make your legs summery fit – because they play the leading role in this trend! Find the most wanted ladies shorts on our Marketplace!

Summer, Sun, Shorts For Women

Because they put your curves in the right light. A universally applicable basic! If you’re blessed with endless legs, classic Bermudas are your thing. The knee-length pants are perfect for your body type. And when it comes to pattern and design, you can let your hair down: Why don’t you try the trendy striped look? No matter if cross- or lengthways striped, you don’t have to worry about this look shortening your legs.

For women with the classic sexy “pear shape”, short models are particularly suitable, as they visually lengthen the legs. For a long upper body, the focus should be on the lower half of the body to balance the proportions. Choose a model with a high waist that draws attention to your legs. Details like a turned up hem or rivets are the perfect eye-catcher.

You can conjure up a great casual outfit very quickly with a pair of casually falling  ladies’ sneakers low and an oversize shirt that you can slip loosely into the waistband at the front. Safari shorts in khaki with practical, large side pockets and casually turned-up trouser legs look particularly sporty.

Top Shorts Brand For This Summer

Dolce & Gabbana Shorts and Givenchy Shorts are a must have for your wardrobe this summer. With a demand of more than 57% they are among the top performers this year. Of course the Gucci Shorts are also among the favourites.

Can Women Wear Shorts In Dubai?

Of course! It is an eternal myth that women must dress opaque in Dubai. Shorts are just as trendy as dresses and skirts! During the day we love denim or linen, in the evening it can be seductive lace or leather. Noble blouses and fitted blazers provide a sophisticated look, perfect for dinner and a subsequent club visit. High heels are a must here! Tip: On cool summer evenings, they can also be combined with matching pantyhose.

Here is a suggestion for your perfect appearance in Dubai

You make a fashionable appearance in low-cut jeans shorts, which can be nice and figure-hugging. Decorations with destroyed elements such as artistic tears or holes as well as used washes, which cause the denim to fade in places, are particularly popular. Wedge sandals and graphically patterned print blouses are cool.

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