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Tops For Women Online At The Luxury Hall

You always need Tops, you can never have enough. Infinite styles and combinations for your next café visit. Whether in summer with shorts, in the club with a miniskirt or in colder temperatures under a cardigan. This key-piece simply works in any outfit. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer it casual or like to show off the fashionista. You want to change your style? Then why not simply invest in a trendy Top et voila, and you will show completely different facets of yourself!

A Top Is A Must Have For Every Womens Wardrobe

There are items of clothing for which there is simply always room in the wardrobe. Including: the top. It attracts you all year round and accompanies you in every situation! For sports, a tank top gives you enough freedom of movement and keeps you dry thanks to light cotton jersey. In hot temperatures in the park, a tank top lets you enjoy the sun and shows off your slightly tanned skin. For hot dates a black top with lace or a crop top emphasizes your advantages. So no matter what the occasion: With a top you are ready for anything! Are you looking for something suitable for the office? That’s not an issue either! We would recommend a Blouse. Put together your next outfit for your work with us and turn the office into your catwalk.

Styling Tips For Tops Online

Just pulled under the cardigan or to the sport can each. It gets more exciting when styling for the job, a date or a hot night at the club. Whoever thinks of simple spaghetti straps tops here is far from it. Straight tops with details such as lace inserts, cute peplum cuts or with attached button placket can do much more. For the job, it’s best to combine a cute peplum top in soft aubergine with a tight black pencil skirt. And of course unbeatable: a blazer. You still want to go to the club? Then sparkling sequins on your top will ensure breathtaking moments. Easy to style with skinny jeans and heels, the night is yours!

Which Tops Suits Your Body Best?

A strapless bandeau top is a good choice if you have a typical pear-shaped figure, wider hips and narrow shoulders. The horizontal neckline of the carment top balances out your proportions with ease. Colours, glitter applications and patterns are explicitly allowed. You can combine your eye-catching top with a black skirt in A-line in matt fabric to enhance the beneficial effect and conceal your hips. With a loosely cut longtop you can cover a small belly or a bigger bottom perfectly. Make sure that the hem ends at a narrow point – for example on your thigh. It is important that the fabric falls loosely so that nothing stands out. This works especially well with a flared model that you combine with skinny jeans and ballerinas.

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