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Trousers For Women Online – What’s New

Are you looking for a new pair of trousers? We’ve got the right one for your next outfit! It is comfortable, practical and easy to always have for every style. Whether leggings, jogger, jumpsuit or chino, made of cotton, jersey or leather – women love to wear these trousers. They have the advantage of being flexible, no matter what look, it always fits! You remain a serious partner for business looks, let the sport style casual and can even be glamorous. So why do we swear by them this season too? We bring you up to date.

Trousers – All Styles and Types

Slim and Skinny are self-runners, we would like to introduce you to the wide pants. Marlene pants (with a high waistband and flared legs), lounge pants (casual pants in pyjama style) and trackpants (jogging pants, most hip with galloon stripes on the side seam) should definitely enrich your look. Another must-have, however, doesn’t let up: leggings are back in, in, in – and like the It girls and celebrity style role models, they are worn not only in the gym but also up and down the streets. For the perfect appearance in the office we can recommend the Suit Trousers. Combine the trousers with a nice white blouse and Valentino heels and your outfit is perfect!

The Most Wanted Trousers Brands For This Year

Wide Leg or Printed Trousers? We say both hip and trend! Gucci supplies you with excellent printed pants to attract attention. So you will surely become the eye-catcher of the day! But also the 70s are back, wide legs are back in fashion today and are totally trendy! Especially Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel offer you a great selection!

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