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Brogues And Oxford Shoes For Women Online

Brogues & Oxfords put the icing on the cake with their typical hole decoration on the shoe upper and the chic, yet smart style in the truest sense of the word. They have been back at the forefront of the fashion world for some years now, especially in United States, where they are also worn with the traditional kilt. Three different directions of brogues developed, first the semi- or half-brogue, then the longwing-brogue and finally the full-brogue. But these did not have any real holes anymore, like the original model. Instead, additional parts with punched holes were placed on the shoe upper. This still gives the hip Brogue its unmistakable look today. Whether in classic leather, with patent attachments or completely in patent, with or without heel – for ladies as well as for men, by the way – we find them in all colours and variations.

How To Wear Brogues And Oxford Shoes?

Depending on which colour and material you choose, they either add a skilful highlight to your day outfit or discreetly underline your cool but smart style. For example, in a creamy beige or a beautiful silver-grey, they go wonderfully with your blue jeans with shirt or t-shirt. But also for the cooler days there are wonderfully warm versions with firmer soles that give you good support in every situation. Brogues & Oxfords to go with your business outfit: the Brogue is particularly suitable for a business look or evening wear. A great suit expresses the full elegance of the classic shoe – and vice versa. In a glossy rich black or a strong chestnut, every meeting or dinner can be brought across well. Ladies can also combine the smart lace-up shoes to many outfits super. Complete your shoe style with The Luxury Hall.

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