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Mules For Women Online In Dubai

Mules are mules that are not only comfortable, but also feminine and modern. The shoes are always open at the back, at the front they can be of different shapes: pointed, round or even with a peeptoe opening. Mules look just as chic with cropped jeans as they do with romantic flutter skirts. The following will tell you on what occasions you can wear very flat models in slipper style and when it’s best to slip into heeled mules. Here are the top trends for this summer!

The Perfect Mules For This Summer

The classic is round at the front and flat – so you can slip in and out quickly. That’s why flat Mules shoes are perfect for a relaxing day at the lake. The comfortable models are also ideal for a summer city stroll. For your shopping trip, for example, combine pink or silver-coloured Bottege Veneta Mules with a navy blue Chino and a white T-shirt. High mules are ideal for chic occasions. They are perfect for a hot summer’s day at the office, because after an important meeting they can easily be removed secretly under the table. Wear a nude-coloured, airy trouser suit with a white blouse with black mules and you’ll be super dressed all day in the office. If you’re invited to a casual garden party in the evening, you can keep your mules on right away. Just swap your business suit for a cute off-shoulder dress with a floral pattern! The extravagant Mule Precious, sexy and elegant are Mules with low or high spiked heels. They are mostly pointed at the front and have a rather minimalistic design, often combined with fancy details. Such shoes are available for example in a gaudy coral tone – with a navy blue sheath dress perfect for a wedding! Somewhat more eye-catching are mules with a zebra pattern, which, together with a short black jumpsuit, fit perfectly into the noble club.

The Most Wanted Mules Brands For This Season

It just belongs in every woman’s shoe closet. Here too, our fashion experts have compiled the current demands of the hottest brands. Dior Mules are currently in great demand! The demand has increased by 67%. The Gucci Mules will also be an eye-catcher again this year. We are seeing a decline, but expect a renewed increase to 56%.

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