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Sandals Trends In Dubai For This Summer

Sandals, Elegant and feminine, sporty and casual, girlish or even strict. They are the classics in a woman’s shoe wardrobe and yet so varied that one summer is hardly enough to wear all the models once. Protect your feet and give them the freedom they need in summer.

The Most Wanted Sandals Brands For This Year

The selection is huge, so we have several recommendations for you! It is no secret that we are talking about the almost most important item of clothing in your wardrobe. The Hermes Oran Sandals are every year a Must Have! These classic, flat ones are not only incredibly cool with a sporty jumpsuit, but can also be perfectly combined with midi-skirt and crop top. Hermes Sandals are the most popular shoes in Dubai. Secondly we have the Chanel sandals and the Gucci sandals.

Womens Sandals Styles For Women

Far more elegant and something for the strong business ladies among you are the classic high heel ones in black and with applications like zippers or laces. In silver or gold they are also the ideal eye-catcher for the feminine evening style.  Somewhat more girlish but no less hip, you top your little black dress in the evening with a classic pair of strappy slippers in black or nude. These trendy shoes in eye-catching bright colours are also ideal with casual styles such as a rolled up pair of destroyed jeans. And plateaus are very popular at the moment. It makes no difference whether you choose a classic slipper model with a wide sole or an elegant evening shoe with a platform. Apart from the fashion aspect, these models also have the advantage that they are not as high as they seem and therefore gain in comfort.

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