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Welcome to your consultant and shopping partner for the best sneakers shoes in the UAE and internationally. Here you can easily shop golden goose running sneakers, Balenciaga Triple S, Versace Chain react and many more. With the best sneakers shoes you can always be perfectly styled while sightseeing through the metropolises, partying in the hip clubs or going to a café with your friends. In combination with cool jeans, a white shirt and a matching jacket your outfit is on point.

How good that we have the right sneakers for every season, with matching colours, patterns and shapes. The most important thing is that they are brand new, pretty and luxurious. The classic best sneakers for men, or best sneakers for women always gives you the feeling of being in the right place, because you can’t make a mistake with these shoes. Sometimes you have to try something new, and that’s why you’ll find inspiration and hot sneakers from all over the world for a fair price.

You want to wear what your idols wear, or the most popular stars? You can find the designer brands that go with them here, and if there are exciting collabos, you’ll find them with us! Our shoes add a good portion of glamour to your outfit and with our product recommendations you will get a shiny appearance. Our specimens are absolutely trendy because we observe and analyse the fashion market.

From thousands of products, our experts then filter out the best ones. In addition, we are in close contact with strong cooperation partners who also observe the market, like Farfetch. We reinterpret the classics best sneakers 2019 and reinvent them by world-renowned designers.


Current and viral walking best sneaker news you can also find with us, either in this shoe category, on our homepage, in the news, or in our fashion blog! Sometimes it is the small details of our best sneakers dubai from luxury brands that make the hearts of fashion fans beat faster. So it’s best to choose what your gut feeling tells you and only buy what you love. With us you will also find high quality materials in the shoes with pure exclusivity.

With the Luxury Hall you can easily shop different kinds of sneakers for your vintage feel or new style. Shop for example Balenciaga Speed Trainers with their iconic rubber sole or many more high top sneakers. Furthermore you can find Alexander McQueen platform sneakers,  golden goose sneakers, Balenciaga Triple S with platform heel and many more styles. Most wanted brands like the golden goose deluxe brand or Adidas superstar leather. Different needs like running sneakers or business sneakers. Different color ways like black top sneakers or white sneakers at a glance.

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